Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sandy Effect

I decided to take some pictures since we were all forced indoors, thanks to Frankenstorm. Austin followed me everywhere. I was not sure if that was because he was hoping for his favourite treat or if he was just plain worried. 

The weather reminds me of my monsoon holiday in Goa. My cousin and I had a fantastic time eating hot chaats and pav bhaaji by the beach at a south Indian cart with the monsoon lashing out on us. Infact, we even went to the Miramir Hanuman temple and offered our prayers. It was a fabulous trip where we went trekking into the forest.

Today, I just made a warm hearty butternut squash soup and toasted bread. Sheer Bliss.


Haddock said...

All those leaves on the wooden floor makes a pretty picture.

AquaM said...

Thanks Haddock, I abs agree.