Monday, October 29, 2012

Lunch at the Iron Hill Brewery, West Chester

We went to the Iron Hill Brewery almost two weeks ago while driving through West Chester to get on the scenic rail to see the gorgeous Fall colors. We stopped by the Pottstown lake to absorb the breathtaking scenary. Teddy was a little upset that morning over the enormous bill at the opthamalogist and I decided to take him out for lunch in downtown WestChester to cheer him up. Given the season, the Pumpkin Ale was the logical starter though I just had water with lemon. The menu had healthy vegetarian options though limited to one under each section.

For appetizers, I ordered the Mushroom soup with sherry. It was phenomenal. Teddy had the French Onion soup which he relished. It was my original choice, but they  used the beef stock as a base and that was obviously a no-no for me. 

For the entree, Teddy had chicken wings (6 pieces) while I settled for a Hummus platter. It was a starter which doubled up as an entree and I am a sucker for Mediterranean food anytime, any day, anywhere! 

I was so full I decided to give the Desserts a miss. But Teddy warned me that I was missing out on some tastilicious choices and that I will regret it. Now, no ones likes to have regrets. At least we try. I tried by ordering the fabulous Banana Bread Pudding in warm rum sauce, served with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. It was amazing. It is a very sexy dessert. The rum sauce was the clincher. Teddy ordered the Apple crisp which was a little too sweet for me, but he loved it. But the Apple Crisp that Barabara, Teddy's aunt had made for us was spot on. It had just the right amount of sweetness and the apples were delicious and coming from someone who rarely cooks, the dessert was absolutely fantastic.

For USD 60 including tips, the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester was an excellent option. Surprsingly, their branch in Media has not received great reviews.The service was great and we left with contented stomachs and heavy hearts, wishing Monday would never come.

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