Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lunch at the Marathon Grill

After one long year, my stint in Philadelphia is coming to an end. Time really flew. When I think about it, it just feels like yesterday. Teddy wanted to take Erik and me out for lunch before I flew out on Nov 2.  We agreed to meet at the Marathon Grill on 1818, Arch street, a 10 minute walk from where we work.  Teddy shared the online menu with me for vegetarian options, which was very thoughtful of him.

The ambiance was really nice. If the weather had been on our side, we would have opted to have lunch under the sky. So we chose to be seated by the window, which was an excellent choice. Erik joined us a little later while we sat by the window enjoying the Friday afternoon, in anticipation of our menu. 

I had the Friday soup special, the hearty Butternut Squash soup, which inspired me to make the soup at home. It is my favorite vegetable now, next to Broccoli  You have the choice of choosing between 12 oz and 16 oz. Given that I love soups, I chose the biggest portion they had to offer. I also ordered the fried wontons from their Freebies section to go with my soup. It is very filling and you can go for a good couple of hours without food. Its high dietary fiber content, anti oxidants and vitamins qualifies the squash in weight management programs.

I decided to pack the Grilled Vegetables with mixed greens and grains (Cous Cous) and sun-dried tomatoes for later, once the fullness of the soup wore off. The salad was a little bland for my palate, but with the addition of a little salt and pepper and tangy sun dried tomatoes to bite into, it was a healthy dinner filler.

Teddy had the grilled Turkey sandwich with fries which he said was excellent. I nibbled on the fries because they were a lovely crispy color and the presentation was absolutely inviting. The fries were not oily and that was a bonus.

I don't remember the sandwich Erik ordered; but I do remember that he loved his entree and enjoyed the afternoon with us, a welcoming break from his packed schedule.

Lunch was great fun. For USD 50 for three people, it was a reasonable fare. The portions were overwhelmingly satisfying.

Ill miss working with both of them. They were a great support during my entire stay in Philadelphia. I hope that our paths will cross again.

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