Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love for Cooking and Reviews

I have been regularly posting reviews on Tripadvisor. I plan my travel using Tripadvisor reviews, so I thought I can support them by making my own contributions. I love working on restaurant reviews - it is what I enjoy the most. It also gives me an opportunity to study the combination of ingredients used to prepare the dishes and try out some creative combinations at home using my culinary background. 

In my spare time, I watch Chopped, Iron Chef and a few other Foodie shows for some creative stimulus. These chefs prepare the most amazing dishes using ridiculous pairings or the most simplest of them like cream cheese. Though I am consumed by laziness at home to do anything different, I have decided to change my lifestyle just a wee bit and get back to some baking which I indulged in back home. 

It is surprising, I had a hectic time back home, but I still enjoyed cooking and trying out new cuisines in the kitchen. My mom and my help were the guinea pigs. Earlier it was my brother and I miss his presence in the house. Now I have enough and more time to pursue my passion, but I have been slacking. I am not sure why.

So in my spare time at work today, I thought about all the things I can do to pep myself up. I decided to rework the kitchen, create spaces, make it indulging and make a list of grocery items with a recipe list I want to try out. 

Hopefully that should do the trick. My niece was such an inspiration when I visited her. She loves Navaratna Korma and I have never prepared it before; but I promised her I would and I did. It was just perfect and tasted wonderful. My close friend Bharu is also fabulous company and encourages me to try my culinary skills as often as possible, so she can treat her palate to a fun vegetarian party.

I have promised to make a delicious rice pudding for Teddy and his parents. That will be my next project. Maybe try the coconut payasam which my mom makes and is my all time favourite. 

Cooking brings me a lot of personal joy. Everytime I read up about a new recipe or ingredient, I feel like Alice in Wonderland. 

Hopefully, I can one day have my own cute ristorante overlooking the beach. 

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