Tuesday, September 18, 2012

La Na - Thai French Cuisine

Media is such a pleasant change from my earlier location. It was a frustrating time for me and I was at my wit's end by then looking for a clean space in a nice neighborhood.  Thankfully, Senator T gave me a helping hand

Since I'm a vegetarian, my choice of cuisine is very limited when I travel abroad.  I decided to invite him to dinner at Ariano to celebrate and thank him for such timely assistance. Ariano hosts live music and Mexican nights on Mondays. I had been to Ariano the day before for lunch and we enjoyed the impeccable service and flavourful food. 

Since I dint have a choice of vegetarian, we walked over to La Na's a Thai French restaurant. I have visited Bangkok a few times and love the food there.

Right from the moment we walked in, it started with poor service. We had to wait a while for some one to take our order. The entire floor had just two waitresses on a busy evening who did not know how to balance the work and certainly sported a not-so-great attitude.

The food had a street food flavor which was tasty, but it certainly was not restaurant standards. T loved the Tom Yum soup served with shrimp, but they did not have a vegetarian soup on the menu. I ordered corn patties served with a tangy-sweet tamarind sauce. That was a little oily, but the sauce was done to perfection. However, I noticed that my plate had scanty salad while my neighbor had ample serving. 

The worse was yet to come. I had ordered the Masaman, a coconut based red curry with vegetables served with rice or noodles. I had asked for noodles, and they served me with rice and took forever to change the portions. What made the experience unforgettable was hair in my food. Ofcourse, the waitress could not care less and neither did she apologize. She merely acknowledged and presented me the bill.

The restuarant name is also quite a puzzle. Im still not so sure what is so French in the menu they served, when it was a Thai street food fare.

This is one of the worst restaurants I have been to and will never go back again. No second chances on this one!

For the USD 41 I was charged, it was absolutely worthless. For USD 10 dollars less, three of us had a fabulous meal at a neighbouring restaurant including appetiser, dessert and entree.

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Jay Talkin' said...

A menu boasting French Thai cuisine - sounds Greek to me. I empathize with you there..

As for the name "La Na", its not a puzzle at all. Its what we use back in India when we order a lachcha paratha in the neighborhood dhaba. "Abe Raju, Paratha La-Na!"