Friday, September 07, 2012


My friend's 10 year old Lab-Pitbull mix is the love of my life now. I have always loved animals and have longed to have dogs, preferably a Lab and a Boxer as pets. It has never materialized for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, I have always enjoyed walking my friend's dogs and playing with them. We shared a mutual affection which was evident though I was not their alpha leader. 

I fell in love with Austin when I met him for the first time. He was staring at me from behind the fence in the backyard. I was apprehensive about our meeting, but was assured by his owner of Austin's sweet disposition. I let Austin sniff my hands and face and get comfortable, so he knows I am not a threat, after which, I tried bribing him with a milk bone treat which he absolutely loved. 

I moved in to T's house after a harrowing allergic reaction in my previous apartment. Moving into my own space was also partly because of Austin's presence. I love coming back home from work to see him and pamper him for a bit. Our morning usually starts with Austin's greedy eyes waiting for me to give him his morning treat, filling his bowls with water and lunch respectively, while in the evenings, I brush him and then shoo him out of the kitchen during dinner time. He loves the food we eat more than all the dog food put together for him. So I spend a good deal of my kitchen time just chasing Austin out of my turf.

What makes Austin so lovable is his patience, kindness and gentle eyes. Even when we do something he does not approve like giving him a  bath, he quietly moves away for a while until he has cooled down. No barking or biting. He hangs out with me most of the time and I chat him up until he begins to ignore me and just sleep. 

This weekend, I am taking him to the vet to get his nails clipped and also get a general health checkup done. The plan is to slowly start taking him out for short walks and learn to handle him when he gets protective in the presence of other dogs.

Going home is rewarding because of the unconditional love and joy, the sweet old Lab rewards me with everyday and every moment we are together.


Anooja said...

Hey after a real long time... hope u r fine...the post is good... even i would love to have a dog. My kids are pestering me for one... but i live in an apartment... so sadly no dogs...for me they are the best pets you could have... i had one at mom's place ... his name was Tommy... he was a sweetheart...

AquaM said...

Hey Anooja,

SO good to hear from you, doesnt matter its been ages, but its great to know you read a few of my blog posts.

Yeah, same prb here - space constraints and hence no dogs for now.

Austin is a honey, abs hon!