Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Fantastic Weekend to Remember

This weekend was a huge bag of surprise. It brought me such joy and happiness I cannot measure neither describe. 

I woke up at 7.30am on Saturday to the Media Garage sale that was organised over the weekend. I was familiar with garage sales held by families from time to time over summer on their lawn, but this was the first time I saw an entire community come out to put up a rummage sale including cupcakes and hot dogs. I was visibly excited and was off with my faithful Nikon taking a stroll by the streets, making a mental note of all the wares on sale, chatted up with the neighbors, and took a long walk to the bank to get some cash for purchase, should I trip on something interesting. I was told however that the turn out was not as great as it used to be, nevertheless for me, it was a good one.

It was such a warm feeling to see the entire community bustling about with their wares, setting up their chairs on their lawn, chatting up old familiar faces and welcoming new pretty faces like me into their world. I wish we could organize something similar back home in specific areas to bring people together and use the opportunity to discuss community concerns and prompt initiatives to address them as a united front. I am absolutely positive this will turn into an amazing business venture  for the hoarders to sell their antiques in a free market. I fell in love with  a set of  coasters with the rodeo tile work. I was looking for some souvenirs at the Dallas airport and was not very impressed with the prices and Napa in California was even worse.  I  noticed that one of the coasters had a small tile damage, so I got a bargain deal for USD 3.

Donald and his beautiful beagle, Gertrude visited us later that day. Austin, ofcourse was smitten by the vivacious lady and the two were up and running around the house. 

I had also fixed Austin's appointment at the Vet's hospital for his checkup. Austin was scared of the vet's place and all the other dogs and cats swarming there, so he was whining and whimpering like a little child and hid behind my legs. Teddy (T) and I had to constantly assure him of his safety. Once we took him inside to the vet, Austin started trembling and absolutely hated the experience, but we got the good news that Austin was in the pink of health, except for the minor problem of fleas on his back. 

Later, T invited me for a 5 mile walk in the afternoon at the Ridley Creek State Park, which was absolutely enjoyable. We were walking through lush green foliage with a waterfall on one side followed by the rustle of running water from the creek. People were having fun with their dogs, playing in the water and I sorely missed Austin at that moment. The scenery was ever changing with foliage to corn fields and waterfalls. It was a long tough walk since the trail had a mix of uphill and downhill path, but we did good and T then drove us to Glenmills to see the farm where the Sunday Corn Boil picnic was going to be held. It was absolutely gorgeous. 
Later that evening, we had heavy rains which cooled down the temperature even further.   T wanted to go to La Porta for dinner and I was game. We had been there before during our trip to Grace Winery and I was bowled over by the wine and food. Unfortunately, it was overcrowded on a rainy Saturday night and after two glasses of wine and 40 minutes of waiting to get a seat by the bar, we left feeling let down. We then went back to downtown Media and headed for Diego's Cantina and Tequila Bar for some Mexican fare. We also met T's friends', Tim and an artist couple. We chatted away over some wine. More than the main course, my vegetable Burrito, it was the dessert Tres Leches that blew my breath away. The sauce, made from apricot or strawberry was absolutely stunning with the soft moist cake served with cream. Before we headed out to Plumstead Inn to meet the local community folks, T ordered two glasses of champagne for us, for a perfect finish to a lovely dinner. At Plumstead Inn, we met T's guitar hero, a friend of BB king and had a lovely conversation about music and the guitarist's upcoming performances. T played a Santana number on the jukebox for his hero, which I thought was a lovely gesture. We headed home happy for the lovely day.

Sunday morning, I took Austin for his walk and I was relieved that he was so well behaved.  Later that day, I had an olive oil massage and pampered myself with a home made face pack, so by evening, I felt fresh and pretty for the farm picnic. The picnic was fabulous under the grey sky and cool weather. There was a fantastic turnout and the entire event was so well organised. The property was breathtaking. Kids had fun running around the farm, got their face painted and we all did a Hay ride on their tractor. One of the kids even got stung by a honeybee while I found one looking for honey on my camera lens.

We had a live band of four dishing out some fun numbers and I just enjoyed the entire evening with my first glass of beer, boiled corn, pretzels and potato chips. T also requested me to cover the event, so I spent quite a lot of time acting as a professional photographer. There were a few surprised faces who were not expecting a Nikon D90 shutterbug. They remarked that the iPhone seems to be in-thing nowadays and were more than happy to see me show off my lovely camera. 

This was undoubtedly one of the best weekends I have had - warm, memorable and truly unforgettable!

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