Thursday, June 21, 2012

Free Public Library of Philadelphia

I had been postponing the idea of walking to Philadelphia's Public Library and picking up a membership for a long time. Membership was free. That was not enough motivation I suppose, because it was a good couple of months before I walked through their doors. A simple case of laziness, I suspect.

I had been to the library a couple of times with Manasa. We sometimes go over in the afternoon to return a couple of books or DVDs her husband had borrowed. The frequent walks to the hallways of the library had a quiet influence over me. It was only a matter of time until I showed my photo id and residence proof and got my library access. The library is just a ten minute walk from my place of work in Centre City. 

I  picked by a Ruth Rendell mystery and Sherlock Holmes and the King's Governess (2005) ,  by Barrie Roberts. For the visual distraction, I selected Notes on a Scandal starring the intimidating, Judi Dench and the sexy Kate Blanchet; the powerful story of love and its trappings in Love In the Time of Cholera (El amor en los tiempos del c√≥lera), based on the book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez with musician Shakira rendering two of the movie's scores - the lead actors with the dashing Benjamin Bratt, the very strikingly beautiful Giovanna Mezzogiorno and the very talented Javier Bardem; and finally wrapping up with a romantic comedy with a class British act in Love Actually.

I had rediscovered my parallel universe.  

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