Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seasons in the Sun

I wish we had more of it. 

The past week has been terribly cold and gloomy. I long for the seasons in the sun (I don't fancy the song though). The mood at the moment inspired me to spend the entire afternoon listening to Kishore, Rafi, Asha while coursing through my tasks for the day. I work better with music. 

My trip to Tokyo two weeks ago was great, but splattered with cold, mild, warm and rainy weather through the entire week of my stay. I used to enjoy the winter in my student days - that was a different season. I long for the tropics now.

The sun rays seem so delicious, warming your soul, infusing life when everything around you brightens up like a million stars. I lap it up greedily, walking through the path where it is warm like a cat!

The moment I step into my apartment, it is freezing cold. I spent last night huddled under a blanket over which a comforter had been added. 

I miss the sun - he is in a playful mood these days. Sigh.

Note: Photo taken at 9/11 memorial site

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