Monday, April 30, 2012

Funny, But True

Life keeps playing funny, maybe cruel tricks on you all the time. I think that's what makes it interesting, turns you a philosopher, a thinker. 

I caught up with a friend online. She just had her second child and in the course of the conversation, we realized that we both were donning roles contrary to what we wanted for ourselves. She never imagined she would be a housewife and a happy, mother of two sweet boys. 

I never imagined I would come to the States on work. I graduated in economics and political science and landed in the IT industry. Funnily enough, my post graduation in political science from Canada has been of immense help in so many little ways, and maybe in a huge way at work.

I suddenly reached out to a close of friend of mine from my school days, with whom I had since lost communication because of childish misgivings. She writes back about how tough life since ever since her first son has been fighting seizures in the ICU, while she had her second son. 

Incidents are innumerable. Life is one huge melting pot of experiences constantly reaching out to you, teaching you endurance, patience and the transient nature of things. In the end, the dots join. Everything makes sense. 

Another huge puzzle is solved.


The Virgoan said...

Completely agree, what turns life can take in one's life is shocking. Really liked reading this post :-)

AquaM said...

Thanks Virgo girl. Yeah, so weird, so true..