Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Best Hair Cut

I had the most fun hair cut at home today.

Subha and Krishna do each other's hair cut just by letting each other know what sort of finish they expect to see when it is all done. I was impressed. The cuts look absolutely pro.

I had been whining about getting my current hair style trimmed for a long time now. I never got down to it simply because I was either travelling on weekends or lacked the motivation to dress up on a lazy weekend and endure a 20 minute walk to the salon.

Finally, when the couple had thier hair cuts done, I suggested they do mine as well. Deep down, I was scared as hell, unsure of the outcome. I am very particular when it comes to the final presentation of my cut, when it is washed, blown, and set. If it did not add up to the visual imagery, I would have undoubtedly pulled down the roof. They asked me to sign a waiver. I brushed it off and pledged my faith in their abilities to deliver a fine job.

Krishna's rule of thumb was to just catch hold of a clump of hair and chop it off. That's exactly what they did with me. It was all done and over within 30 minutes. I was blown away by the final look. A perfect blunt cut.

The winter does not seem to hurt now and I have Simon & Garfunkel for company.


Primitive Lyric said...

Post a picture will you?:)

AquaM said...

Your wish is my command PL :P

Anjali said...

Do i get to see mor epics or is this it??

Anjali said...

so where are the pics????