Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bobo turns One Year!

July 22nd marked Bobo's first anniversary. My friend and I celebrated by taking him on a drive down ECR and OMR, lingered for a few moments on the Kovalam backwaters, and stopped by our favourite tea shop in Kelambakam for some hot well brewed tea and butter biscuits. The shop lady missed us and as soon as we got out of the car, the assistant ran in to make the tea!

There are also three beautiful dogs on the premises. One is a beautiful black (Blackie, I call him), a brown one, and a light brown fella. The first two guys are friendly and keep staring at you, wagging their tails vigorously until you give them the biscuits, while the last one keeps a safe distance, obviously traumatized by the human presence. He eats his biscuits once we move away from him. Poor guy.

But anyway, it felt great to be there with your baby celebrating the anniversary in a simple, humble place, with folks who love to spend time with the occasional strangers under a beautiful sky. Before we bid adieu, we solemnly promised the shop lady of our early return for another round of cuppa.


Primitive Lyric said...

The post makes me home sick! Need to go to Chennai as soon as Adiv starts his holidays.

AquaM said...

Come over soon:)