Sunday, June 06, 2010

Theory of Perspectives

Theories are derived from reality. It is through a keen sense of observation and constant application that you establish the automatic response between the brain and your paint brush strokes. For if you do not perceive reality correctly, then you end up with an abstract. It is then that you begin to appreciate the application of theory in everything that you do.

This was how my painting teacher helped me understand the issue
when I was struggling to understand the theory of perspectives. The roof of the house I perceived as moving upwards was infact moving down towards the horizon line and when you extend it, actually converges to the vanishing point. I somehow could not make sense of all this.

I just threw up my arms in utter exasperation when my basic sketch had to be redone all over again because my understanding of the painting was completely different from the way it should have been interpreted. What I needed to do in order to appreciate reality better is to pay attention to detail to everything around me, the Buddha on my table, a crack in the wall, the jewellery, the shutters, and the twisted bottle. I had photographed these small red flowers during my Bodimettu trek. This is one my favourite snaps though it could have been handled better.

Every person you meet, every object, every living thing that you see is constantly, quietly teaching you something. It is up to you to pick it up and absorb it. My teacher through his years of experience was able to see through my problem right away and he dealt it with patience, encouragement, and understanding. Irrespective of how many corrections my painting may require, he always has a good word for me.

In all its drudgery, your existence is made meaningful by one small moment.

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