Thursday, January 28, 2010

Im Bored Out of My Wits

I wish I knew how to make peace with what I have, but I am not able to do anything about it- no matter how hard I try. I been trying to keep myself occupied with mindless games, blogging, chatting, feeling blue, different emotions.
Friends are trying to help by giving me recipes, teaching me origami, jewellery making, and so on.
We have not started on these projects yet, but they been selflessly shared ideas in a bid to keep my chin up. I'm going crazy. No adventure, no fun, just a boring routine!


Nothings Aplenty said...

yes..congrats :)

AquaM said...

Thanks girl. Was into origami yesterday. Will be posting the images of the boats, boxes, christmas tree, stockings, swan, and anything else I have left out.

Srivilasica said...

It was wonderful catching up with you yesterday! My recipe blog is