Friday, January 15, 2010

The Half Eaten Apple

V was trying to reach me to go to Rameshwaram with his group to go watch the solar eclipse. The eclipse is the longest of its kind beginning at 11.23am and ending at 3.30 pm, and can be viewed only in south India.

I unfortunately could not join the group because of work and passed up the offer. I was a teeny weeny bit disappointed since I have never seen an eclipse. It is just plain curiosity because the entire world sits up to watch it and the media channels fight with each other to telecast live updates about the eclipse interspersed by some excited member of a scientific association or the public.

I need not have worried. My mom viewed the eclipse using the X-Ray sheet from our balcony and I was obviously excited about it.

Why rush to Rameshwaram when I could watch the whole eclipse drama from the comfort of my home - and there it was, my half eaten apple.


Anonymous said...

"Your" half eaten apple? Looks like you are only one I know who owns an eclipse! LOL


AquaM said...

no one has claimed it yet - might as well stay ahead of the competition