Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dosa Calling, Indranagar

A couple of weeks back, my friend and I decided to eat at the famous Dosa Calling joint in Indranagar, Adyar.

The main attraction of course was its assortment of dosas which, included the usual varieties and a few innovative ones such as the mushroom stuffing, chinese stuffing and so on. But don't be surprised to see the thali, rice items, and the continental dishes listed in the menu.
As fate would have had it, just the day before, one of my colleagues had warned me about the cold dosas and the plain ambience and poor service. To add to this, he had also witnessed the chefs fighting with each other, thanks to the open kitchen. 

I entered DC with mixed feelings and unfortunately, my fears came true. The staff took their own time to take the orders, and the dosa was served cold. 

I had asked for the simple Podi dosa and I was absolutely disappointed. The dosa was just smeared with the Milagai Podi, instead it should have been literally embedded in the dosa and served hot with sambhar and chutney. I have had some of the best Podi dosas at the humble Karpagam Mess in Mylapore and the local eat outs in Kumbakonam.

I cannot resist dosas usually, but this time I had this irresistable urge to resist this place, and so I did with a heavy heart. This place was certainly not my calling!


Primitive Lyric said...

Glad I saw your review. Now i'll stay away from that place:) I've been seeing ti everytime I drive by. Now I'll just stick to Sangeetha as far as Dosas go1;)

Pixel Boy Media (P) Ltd. said...

Hello Sowmiya,

We're an advertising and marketing firm who are handling Dosa Calling. We happen to come across your blog and the bitter experience that you had with Dosa Calling. It is unfortunate and we will put this across to the management and make sure it is rectified.

You can get back to us at -

Hafidh Al said...

Hello Sowmiya,
My name is Kumar Krishna and I am the Managing Director for Serene Hotels and Restaurants (P) Limited. I saw your comments and i would like to thank you first for the comments. I view feedback as extremely critical in our growth plans and this not only helps us serve our customers better, it also provides me with a first hand view of a customer. Please be rest assured that this case has been taken up very seriously and I am putting together a few actions that will eliminate this/minimize this flaw in our process. Your view point on staff attitude as well has been taken up seriously resulting in a reshuffle of staff members for Adyar. We are gorwing to anotehr 2 destinations in Chennai, namely Anna Nagar and Mylapore and I would request you to kindly try our outlet again and personally give me your comments. I once again on behalf of Serene Hotels and Restaurants (P) Limited would like to offer our iunreserved apologies for the bad experience you had in our Indra Nagar outlet.

Krishna Kumar
Mob: 97907 10508