Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Phad Thai Vegetarian Noodles

This was the closest image I could find to best illustrate the dish. We had Phad Thai Vegetarian Noodles at the Mango Tree, Bangkok Airport. We had requested for the vegetarian variation in particular, since it is usually accompanied by egg and maybe meat, which I am not really sure about.

The Phad Thai Noodles was just brilliant. What added to the touch was the grated peanuts, chilli powder, and a lovely dash of lime. What a combination that was. You must try this twist to your noodles provided you cook it the way it is supposed to be cooked, with the right sauce and vegetables.

Next to the stir-fried vermicilli noodles we had in Anotai (another highly recommended Thai Vegetarian Restuarant & Bakery), this rates the best.

Thai food lovers, I am sure you will agree with me that the Chote Chitr belongs to a different league and hence will not be included here.


Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! Why didn't you take a pic of the noodles you were eating?


AquaM said...

We were really hungry and hard pressed for time. I thot about it though, really..:)