Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are you a Ve-ge-te-rian?

I'm a hard core vegetarian, or so I tell my friends. I don't eat egg, fish, or meat of any kind, yet I have had non-vegetarian food without my knowledge on many occasions. Don't ask me how I manage that, because I simply don't have the answers.

In Bangkok, while going through the morning buffet spread, I saw a very colourful and interesting salad, and decided that it will definitely find its space on my plate. I also had toasted brown bread, accompanied by baked beans, stir fried veggies, and a glass of pineapple juice. While my family and I very seriously gorging on the food, my sister-in-law, looked at my plate curiously and asked me, "what is that piece on your plate?" (This is not the exact quote). I looked down into my plate to take a closer look, and saw the orange and off-white coloured, sliced vegetable, which is what I thought it was, and just shrugged my shoulder to tell her that is just some salad I picked up.

My sister-in-law clarified that it was infact pieces of fish in my salad. By then I was really unsure if I had already eaten a fish slice or a vegetable. I did not offer any reaction, just humbly bowed to my fate. My brother was amused and wanted to know how it tasted. How was I to know?

But to this day, I wonder what it was that I really ate.


Anonymous said...

Did it stick to your fork or crumbled when you tried to pick it up? If it crumbled, then it is fish. If it stuck to your fork, then it's probably meat of some kind. :D

Hope this helps,

AquaM said...

ewww...it really helped..little late though.