Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dreadful Monsoon Weekend

The feeling is just awful. How much I miss the sunny days! Shades of grey with mixed patches of light blue fill the sky, giving it a sombre look - wonder whether even the weather suffers from Monday blues.

I had a lot of work to complete, but I have not progressed much since I spent most of the weekend recovering from the long ardous journey to work and back, and before I realised it, the weekend is already over!
The monsoon does not help me recover my spirit.
The roads look lovely from the balcony, drenched and cleaned up. But we know that's just a piece of reality. The rest of the road cut away from my view is a mess. How I wish I could step out for a nice cheery walk, but for the timing of the rains!

Its dull and depressing. My friend had cancelled her birthday dinner party, and I was unsure earlier on if I was going to make it. Plans, plans..!
I was so bored that I could not even carry on a conversation last evening with another equally bored individual. Atleast that's what I thought. The floor is cold and my feet numb. I pace around the house aimlessly.

How much I miss the sunny days and the warmth of the morning rays, the beauty of the sunset and the hues of the sky.

Nothing lasts forever. That's life as we know it.


Anonymous said...

Amen! I feel the same!


AquaM said...

Yeah. It gets on my nerves after a while.