Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shutterbug Contest: Nature At Its Best

The yearly shutterbug contest was held in my Organisation, and I just managed to send my contest photograph in the last minute. So I am not sure if it will be considered. But I am glad I sent it.

This is one of the many photographs that is close to my heart. It evokes a sense of peace and bliss everytime I see the picture. I had been on a holiday with my best friend and her family, and we stayed at the hill station, where the house opened up to the hills, the lush greenary, and the tea plantations. Since the place is privately owned, there is hardly a soul around.

I woke up to the sunrise everyday and went about collecting pictures right away. Your soul wakes up to the beauty of life, a promise of a better future.

This beautiful tree has been planted right in the middle of the vast green lawn, facing the house. When the sunlight filters through the tree branches, it lights up the place, and stands tall and bright towering over vast array of verdant hills, while lady dawn shyly surrenders herself in her splendid colors.

It is moments like this when you wish time would stand still.


supernova said...

This is a stunning pic!

Good luck!

aquamarine said...

Hey, thanks girl. I hope Lady Luck is on my side :D