Friday, April 24, 2009

The Dance

Many many years ago, I found myself at a house party. The crowd was wild and merry. The girls had come with their men and they kept each other engaged.
I was not sure what to do. Not that I was not having a good time. The music was great and we all danced for a while. When the partners disappeared, and I did not have a date that day, it left me wondering what to do. A little scared too.
Then this tall good looking guy walks up to me and asks me if I would like to dance. I was not so sure. I suppose he must have sensed that, for he assured me it will be alright.
We slow danced to the haunting tunes of the Saxaphone for a long time. It was so warm and gentle. No, I was not in love with him or neither he, with me. We enjoyed the dance and the moment.
Some people are like that I think. They don't stay forever. But the few moments you spend with them lives in your heart for a lifetime. Their memory lives on like a gentle perfume that stays on you and keeps you young, leaving a warm glow that lights up your soul everytime you are back on that old familiar trail.


Determined said...

I will agree. And I think it is best they are left as moments. Sometimes we cherish them sometimes we don't. Either way it is all good.

Quirky Quill said...

really nice post.

aquamarine said...

Hey thanks Determined and QQ. It was certainly an evening to remember.