Sunday, March 01, 2009

Travel: Bungee Jumping in Nepal

For thrill seekers, Nepal is a closer destination for bungee jumping. I hope to attempt the jump sometime soon. I saw my brother glide like a bird as he jumped off the edge in NZ. The video was absolutely delightful. My sister in law ofcourse drowned by her own screams still bravely finished the jump. Bravo! For someone who did not do the Extreme Swing and Reverse Bungee at Clarke Quay, I was quite impressed.
I came across this write up on Bungee Jumping in Nepal in the Deccan Chronicle in their travel section on Page 3.

The Jump is a part of the Last Resort Whew, described by the author as heaven on earth. You have to travel 12 kms from the border of Tibet to experience one of the most spectacular jumps. The jump is organised from a suspension bridge, more than 160 feet in the air, and as you freefall, you are overpowered by the vast expanse of Nepal. Ofcourse, this has been desinged by the Kiwis!
The Bungee Jump costs about INR 5000 and to stay at the Resort over the weekend, the cost inclusive of food and travel is about INR 5,500 per person.

Tourist Information
Nepal Tourism Board
Tourist Service Centre
Bhrikuti Mandap
Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: 977-1-4256910

By Road
The Nepal State Bus Company Sahaja Yatayat plys between Nepal and TIbet.
Service costs USD 70 per person
Including USD 60 for three nights inclusive of accomodation and a service fee

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