Thursday, March 19, 2009

MMMafia: The Italian Ristorante

My friend was raving about this new Italian joint in Chennai that she had been to with her family. So it was now our turn to attack the Italian menu! So we hatched a plan to go there sometime. By now, we all know that planning never works.

So an impromptu invite worked like a charm. We were at our dream destination in under 20 minutes.

You have valet parking, so you can really make your way to the restuarant in peace. The decor is very sober, quite formal, with soft music in the background. The entire place is bathed in a white theme. So its a great place for dinner dates! But beware the service. Most of them do not speak in English, and some do not understand what you want. Infact, the first time my friend went there, they had to speak in Hindi to get their order right!

But don't be disheartened yet. The menu is quite delectable and very confusing too, since you will have a lot to choose from. Pastas and thin crust pizzas are well known and well liked by the patrons. But I decided to give the usual a miss, and instead, settled for Mexican, which by the way, is also included in the menu.

We started with Brocolli soup (The starter arrived late), which was well done, except that it was a little thin. (I had some amazing Brocolli Soup served hot, topped with cashews, accompanied by warm well baked Garlic Bread at Clarke Quay, Singapore. It was simply brilliant!) I was a littled peeved that there were no bread on the house. Atleast, I thought that would be an accompaniment with the soup. But when I made the request, I got a very puzzled expression from the attendant. So I tried again.
This time I modified my explanation to include toasted bread or oven toasted small bread slices. Instead I get fried bread crumbs that is used a topping in Tomato soup. Since we were such food lovers, we enjoyed it nevertheless.

For starters, we were suggested the MMMafia Crostini, which was lip-smacking and looked colourful. If you are wondering what a Crostini is, take a look at the image on the top left corner and read the following explanation.
"In Italian, “crostini” means “little toasts,” and it is a very accurate description of the food. Crostini are made by thinly slicing bread, typically plain white bread, and toasting or grilling so that it becomes crispy. The crostini may be drizzled with olive oil and salt and served plain, or they may be dressed with an assortment of toppings and used as appetizers or garnishes on foods like soups." (

The number of pieces served is good for two. The presentation is great and the variety can drive you crazy!

For the main course, we settled for Enchilladas (Spl). We din't quite understand the description, but decided to risk it. What's life without a little risk anyways.. but this one turned out be a profitable venture and absolutely fantastic.
An enchilada (IPA: /ˌɛntʃɪˈlɑdə/) is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a chili pepper sauce. Enchiladas can be filled with a variety of ingredients, including meat, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables, seafood or combinations. (From Wikipedia)

It was served hot and the portions were generous. The thick creamy gravy of tomatoes and cheese spiced with herbs can transport you out of your body and give you a new soul.

We finally wrapped up the fine dinner with a Brownie over which hot sizzling chocolate sauce was poured (a sizzler ofcourse), topped with a vanilla scoop. We only wished that the scoop had been a big scoop, cos we devoured it in no time.

Overall, it was truly delightful. Very memorable.

The place is pricey. So if you want to play it safe with your wallet, then you may want to think twice.
But hey, you should occasionally pamper yourself. You live only once, don't you!


#105, 2nd Floor Chamiers RoadR.A. Puram
Landmark: Above Grains of Paradise
Phone: 044-64587777
P.S: Images used are representative images only


Quirky Quill said...

Take me there when i'm in chennai next? :)
Also, I too would have given you an equally puzzled look if you'd asked me for baked bread. All bread is baked :P

aquamarine said...

Ofcourse, dat goes without saying. I have already planned that outing with ya u know:)

Oh boy, im swinging into damage control mode now. Im so embarassed!

SunBeams'NDancingLeaves said...

sounds yummo! :) now Im reallyyy hungry!!! grrr

aquamarine said...

Yep. Very yummy! I'll take u too next time you are here ;)

Primitive Lyric said...

Ah! So i know where to go, when i'm in Chennai. I suddenly feel so home sick:) Should plan a trip home.

aquamarine said...

Yep R, u shd give this place a shot. But it is a complete veggie fare k?
Come home. We shd catch up u know.

bing said...

the food made me drool...

supernova said...

Mouth-watering pics!

Nothings aplenty said...

When i went there with my friends (before your review) we were treated quite badly by the staff there. So we walked out.