Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching Up with Vee and Sandy

Vee was at her parents house with Sandy, and called me over like she usually does, except that this time, the invite was a general, 'lets catch up' invite and not the 'breakfast invite where her father pampers me through the entire session leading up to 'dessert'.
If Vee is reading this, then I guess, breakfast may happen soon! She managed to bully me and push me outta the bed, so that I can walk down to see her. I guess she underestimated my Sunday, 'I'm not...*yawn*...upto it...kinda lazy' feeling. I took my bike to save myself the strain. Eventually I made up for it with a long long walk around my area.
She is on her own now, into arts and crafts business and I saw a couple of pieces she had made, which was neat. So I bought a pair of blue ear rings, simple and nice ones, moreover, blue also happens to be my favourite shade.
It was great catching up with the two of them and we drove away in the afternoon to see the Gypsy collection and bargain for some pieces. I was the Chief Bargaining Officer for the day and got some really cool beads for her to work with, while Sandy keeps a tab on the business.
I owe Vee a visit at her in-laws place, but the excuse has been the distance. It is as good as travelling from Chennai to Bangalore! That has not deterred her from coaxing me to come home. But I guess, she may give me on me soon enough. Maybe, maybe as a new year gift, I'll drop in home. (*hic*)
So, overall, it was just a really nice Sunday!

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Nothings aplenty said...

Which reminds me, btw, that you still owe me Rs.45 :P