Monday, September 29, 2008

Cooking After a Long Time

Necessity triggers it. Mom is not in town and I have to fend for myself. So, after a long time, I have started cooking.
One of my favourite dishes, is a Maharashtrian dish called Pitle. Its simple and easy to make, except that with me, disasters when they occur, should not come as a surprise.
I was not paying attention to the consistency of the dish, and poured the lumpy besan mixture into the tava. What I got in return was not Pitle, but a burnt half-baked, dish, if I may call it, that had erupted in the tava.
Needles to say, I havent tried it again, but had the dish specially made for me by my Mumbaikar cousin.
That was yummy and that's Pitle for you.

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