Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Phone call from China

My friend of over 4 years, Rita from China called me today. It felt just like the good old days in Canada. We attended school together and shared a good friendship. Rita, Keiko and I were a good team and we were good friends. Both Rita and I do not know the update with Keiko, except that she is in Japan.
I have an invitation to China to see Rita, and it would be such a great pleasure to relive the charm of our school days.
While at school, I cooked many Indian meals, for Rita and my house-mates, one of which was spicy and gave Rita a smattering of red rashes!! So thereafter, the following dinner invitations had a light menu of noodles with vegetables, salad and hashbrowns, and sometime perogies too.
Hmmmm..Fattening tasty hashbrowns.
Infact my roomate Sam, from Vancouver, used to love spicy Indian meals, especially my menu:)
One of my favorite moments, was at Rita's house admiring an enjoing the tulips, going to the gym, and discussing astrology.
I miss all that now. There is no looking back however.
What matters in the end is the Journey, and it has been rewarding, inspite of all the pitfalls I had to face while living abroad. As someone aptly put it, 'The Journey is the Reward'.


Miss Iyer said...

Exactly my sentiments AquaM! :) After all, all's well that end's well, doesn't it? Glad you had your memories rushing back at you.

aquamarine said...

:) Thx Iyer. Bin a long long time since I heard from you. Hope you are well and doing great.