Saturday, November 04, 2006


Friday night, the higer-ups had organised a dinner party for the folks who had completed a crucial project. I was one among those few who had been a part of this course, but I was in no mood to celebrate.
I cite three reasons for this lack of enthusiasm: One: I had to play the part of an single unmarried housewife, running the show both at home and at work because my mom had to go out of town for a brief period. Second: by the time I finished my part in the coursework, it had left me terribly exhausted and in no mood to party. Third:I just wanted to head home.
But out of sheer courtesy and a lot of persuasion by my co-workers, I decided to make a brief appearance and quietly slink away into the night. As soon as I walked into the hall, I was pulled into a team! Apparently, there was some sort of event happening. It was Halloween, Indian style. There was a Halloween-Pumpkin Carving contest followed by a mask making event that was unfolding. I just joined along with the rest of the noisy crowd to work on the mask. It was fun, with 10 pairs of hands working its ideas over a single sheet of chart paper. We brainstormed for almost 20 mins and had just under 10 minutes to put together something scary. I ended up doing the shading and getting the colors in place. The mask turned out pretty neat and I was glad that things had not turned out as I had planned earlier. ( I'm waiting for the photogrpahs to be uplaoded and will post them as soon as I get my hands on them.)
Dinner was certainly not a part of my plan! But I was persuaded by my biker-pal who offered to drop me home post-dinner. So my brief appearance extended further to include the role of a gourmand. And good food it was! The vegetarian menu was perfect. There was Pulav, Dal Khadi, Bhindi Masala, Naan/Roti, Chinese Fried Vegetables, Pappad, Salad, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Curd rice and Pickles. The non-veggie menu included Fish tikka, Chicken kebabs and the rest, I don't recollect. For dessert, it was Gulab Jamun and scoops of ice cream.
My manager was taken by surprise when she found me hanging around with the rest of the troop. I had earlier told her in no uncertain terms that I do not intend staying through the evening. But she was quite happy I had fun and was still THERE, making my presence felt.
In the end, like anyother fairy tale: All is well that ends well.

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Anonymous said...

am glad it all ended well.

it is strange though, how, being single once can be taken for granted at the work place. most concessions, like leaving early, taking off and so on are so easily extended to the married folk. and when it comes to the others, it just goes like, "u r single after all...why do u want to go home so early?" unfair, na?

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