Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rowing sessions: My New Passion

It has been almost a month since I last posted. And, I guess its not just work, but a lot of other things that have come together. Come to think of it, it is the extra curricular activities at work that have kept me away from my favorite blogs and bloggers alike.
I used to dream of rowing and now I'm actually living it (not that the Adyar river is a great place, but nevertheless it is the sport that I find enticing). Whoever says that dreams don't come true must revisit their statement.
I signed up for Rowing sessions, in preparation for the Regatta in Septemeber. Around 5-6 organisations are expected to participate and the competition is fierce.
Rowing sessions are held at the Boat Club and if you can stand the stench, which is not as bad as last year, then you will survive. However, you will have to take the risk of falling into that muck, if you have not perfected your technique. And, don't be horrified when I tell you that one of my colleagues took the holy plunge! That incident has burned my enthusiasm a bit and so yesterday's rowing session left me petrified. But I had a very patient guide, also known as a cox.
Monday update:
I took off to Bangalore for the weekend. The weather was chill and beautiful. I finally had to hop on to my afternoon train back to Chennai and landed at 8.30pm. My friend who was supposed to pick me up was busy sleeping and finally decided to pick me up out of consideration!
Pics: I will upload a few pictures that I took during my brief stay there. Hang on until then.
Monday morning, rowing sessions beckoned at the ungodly hour of 5.30am, like they do every other day. But today, I was much better and felt far more confident in the water. Yep, I'm doing great and feeling even better about my performance. The downside to all this, is a lousy tan that I have acquired. But I hope this is not one of those irreversible tans. God, nooooooooooooo!
Maybe later on, I can try Scuba Diving and Snorkeling! That's another one on the list. I believe Lakshadweep is the best getaway for such sports.
But time will only tell!
Note: Will try and get hold of some rowing pics.


Soumyadip said...

Blogspot.com addresses seem to be blocked by some ISPs in India, therefore was having trouble reading my favourite blogs. But thanks to the anonymisers, I could make my way through to your blog. Read about your shutterhappy post and this one about rowing. Rowing is good exercise and also fun, unlike many other exercises. Plans for scuba diving and snorkelling – I envy you. Regarding the video uploading that you asked me about, it's in fact quite simple – as with most modern-day technologies. If you can mail me your email id I can mail you all the details. Waiting to see some movement and sounds on The Worldly Cave.

Nothings aplenty said...

And, don't be horrified when I tell you that one of my colleagues took the holy plunge!
are you kidding me? ROTFL!

you seem to be having alot of fun. thats good to know man. looking forward to your pictures.

biju said...

and I hope u don't go scuba-ing or snorkeling in adyar river :D yikes!!