Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!

Last week was splendid. It has given me renewed energy to post again. Two reasons for this sudden enthusiasm: Books and a Nikon CoolPix L3 Digicam. The last time my brother went to Malaysia, he could not figure out what I really wanted (inspite of giving him a shopping list). So this time, he made up for it by getting me a Digicam. Yes, I am now the proud owner of a Nikon CoolPIx L3 and I'm in love with it. But I have not started clicking away. I'm still exploring my new acquisition. So will keep everyone posted.

And now for the next good news:
I have since time immemorial spoilt my brother with cool clothes for his birthday. For one, shopping for gifts, especially for men is quite an ordeal. More importantly, the choice of gifts is freaking expensive. So clothes seemed like a good choice, because of its utilitarian value as well as its diverse price range. But now that my brother has started working and makes his own fashion choices, I was robbed off my only safe option. Then it struck me that he is a vorcasious reader and has been wanting to visit my old gang's favourite hang out, "Aries Book Store". This time, we made it a point to visit the store and ended up buying fifteen books for a damn good deal of Rs.750/-.

Recollceting from my rather weak memory, here's the list of the books I bought:
Eion COlfer
Artemis Fowl
The Artic Incident
The Opal Deception

Charles Chulz
Lead on Peanuts

Jeffrey Archer
False Impression

Roald Dahl
Charlie and the CHocolate Factory

Ganesha- Author unknown

My bro bought:

Mario Puzo: Omerta
Greogory ROberts: Shantharam
Herman Hesse: Siddhartha
Authour not known yet: The Game
Authour not known yet:Tao and Confucius

The list will be updated shortly... I warned you, my memory is rather weak!


Rita said...

That's a damn good list!
And yes, when can we expect your blog to turn into a photo blog? ;)

sanchapanzo said...

welcome back!

adi said...

do hope to see some cool pics from the coolpix
happy clicking
and do tell us something about these books
take care

Soumyadip said...

Aqua going shutterhappy.

Nothings aplenty said...

thats just too cool re! i'm happy (and jealous) for (of) you. and hey! explore while clicking! wanna see your experimental shots as well.