Sunday, March 26, 2006

My personal DNA report: True Self revealed

Ashish, hope you are reading this, afterall your blog is the reason why I embarked on this little project. Guys, try it out. Warning: It could get a little cumbesome, but its fun.

Here are my test results:

About You
You are a Genuine Inventor.

Your imagination, self-reliance, openness to new things, and appreciation for utility combine to make you an INVENTOR.
You have the confidence to make your visions into reality, and you are willing to consider many alternatives to get that done.
The full spectrum of possibilities in the world intrigues you—you're not limited by pre-conceived notions of how things should be.
Problem-solving is a specialty of yours, owing to your persistence, curiosity, and understanding of how things work.
Your vision allows you to identify what's missing from a given situation, and your creativity allows you to fill in the gaps.
Your awareness of how things function gives you the ability to come up with new uses for common objects.
It is more interesting for you to pursue excitement than it is to get caught up in a routine.
Although understanding details is not difficult for you, you specialize in seeing the bigger picture and don't get caught up in specifics.
You tend to more proactive than reactive—you don't just wait for things to come to you.
Your independent streak allows you to make decisions efficiently and to trust your instincts.
You tend to do things on the spur of the moment, not sticking to a set schedule.
You do your own thing when it comes to clothing, guided more by practical concerns than by other people's notions of style.
Generally, you believe that you control your life, and that external forces only play a limited role in determining what happens to you.
How You Relate to Others

You are Genuine

Your outgoing personality, your preference for order, and your cautious appreciation of others makes you GENUINE.
You aren't afraid to occasionally be the center of attention. You are comfortable and confident in social situations.
As a charismatic kind of person, you tend to be energized by other people and enjoy their company.
When other people are upset, you are able to think about the situation rationally, without getting too caught up in their feelings.
At times you find it difficult to understand where other people are coming from, and wish they could just see things the way you do.
You are a strongly principled person who believes in right and wrong. This helps you make decisions easily when it comes to moral issues – you don't have to waste time hedging on important values.
In your experience, people tend to get what they deserve. Because of this, you work hard and try to follow your principles in your day-to-day life, knowing that you will be rewarded for your efforts.


Ashish said...

Awesome :)

And now for the best part ....this is all true ??

adi said...

i'll be trying this one...
whatever it is ;)

anthony said...

long time aqua!!1

verniciousknids said...

Just did this and found I am an "encouraging creator"...thanks for the link.

Rita said...

Well, I already know all this. I do not have to read this to know that you are genuine. :D

My Ramblings... said...

Guess what I got?
Advocating Director...awesome huh? :D

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Hey sowsow, I am an Advocating Creator! What a nice thing to be! :)

Rohit Talwar said...

Interesting link! I'll try this!

AltaModa said...
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My Ramblings... said...

where art thou? new post plz...

urs truly,
Tza Tza ;)

Nothings aplenty said...

yes Sowww where art thouuu? :D

post post! :D

"genuine inventor" huh...hmm...of spellings perhaps?? :D LOL!

i louu you ma...i miss you also.

aquamarine said...

Ashish, .....

adi,..atta boy!

Anthiny, yup my Aqua pal! Blame it on work.

Vernicious, drop by often.N about the link, you are most welcome. blushing!!!

AFJ and's my thumbs for you two great gurls..

ROhit, thx.

Alta Moda, sure thing. It will be great if we guys can meet up.

Tza n Wendy
Miss u guys too *hugs* r u my biker pal!! mayb ill visit you one of these months!