Monday, February 13, 2006

The Postcrossing Project

With life redesigned to suit the developments in the web-world, the traditional methods and practices have almost been washed out. While features such as blogging have their advantages, I miss the excitement of receiving a letter or a postcard.
The Postcrossing Project is a novel concept developed by Paulo Magalhães of Braga, Portugal that allows people across the globe to connect by sending and receiving postcards. AFJ and Aklanta are active postcrossing members. I have already requested for an address to send a about you?
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Soumyadip said...

Saw those wonderful postcards from around the world that Aklanta received. The real joy is receiving those paper cards in this e-era.

Rita said...

Wow! You postcrossing too? Way to go! :)

still_figuring_out said...

i too miss the excitement of receiving a letter or a simple postcard..

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

I have got 4 postcards from Great Britain, Portugal, Finland and France. And I just went to the bookstore to get more postcards to post!

My Ramblings... said...

you too lady? Are they as exotic lookin as AFJs? *wicked grin*

adi said...

"ah! the anticipation of getting a package from an unknown world, a scribble you've never seen before, a stranger you have never heard of...

and then? u can almost see her writing that letter- curled up on her easy chair, the scribble becomes as intimate as your own handwriting and the world is not so strange anymore."

i'm waiting for my first letter to arrive. all thanks to dear AFJ for introducing me to the world of

aquamarine said...

hey soumya...yeah, I know what you mean. I miss that feeling too.

Rita hon, mayb u shd think of jumping into it too.

Still figuring out,yeah...*sigh*

AFJ, way to go woman!

Ramblings, i have just started..will let u know if sumthing exotic turns up:))))

Hi Adi, yeah same here,,thx to AFJ!