Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Last Supper

Or so I thought.
AFJ messaged me last night which, was a strict order that prohibited me from packing lunch for the following day.
The reason: She was gonna cook for the both of us!
Now I was worried and it was not because that she was cooking, it was because I am quite fussy about lunch.
I don't like having rice in the afternoons because it makes me sluggish and at the same time, it is not fair to order your choice of menu when your friend is going out of her way to make your life a little easier.
Here is a peek-a-boo:
My mom is on a holiday for a week and this meant that I had to handle the house myself and that included just about everything. It left me looking like a haarowed unmarried wife, completely exhausted and constantly late for work. AFJ decided to surprise me and surprise me she did with that message.
I love Jhol (the bengali dish with rice and lightly cooked veggies), but it was the veggies that I was after and not the rice. I messaged her back asking her not to trouble her mom and in anycase I had already decided on the menu. I immediately recieved a threatening message asking me if I was going to refuse her cooking. AFJ was the cook-er not her mom!
It set me thinking. On many a occasion, AFJ has repeatedly told me that she was a good eater, but not a good cook-er, though I am quite inclined to disagree. But nevertheless I decided to humour her good intentions. Ah, my Last SUpper, I told her and hung up.
She had made Fried Idlis for lunch! I loved the choice of menu. But had to constantly reassure her that her recipe would have turned out great and I would have gobbled it up anyways, simply because my friend prepared it for me. However, the Fried Idlis were par excellence. Spicy with lots of fried onions sprinkled over soft evenly cut idlis. Fantastic. And I mean it.
They say that a well prepared meal is reflective of the host's intentions. I must say that AFJ has a heart of gold and it sure did show up in those Fried Idlis.


Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Thank you so much re! I am so relieved and flattered that you liked it. Methought it was not that good. But I did take your advice and cooked something for a change! :)

Naveen said...

Thats cool!

I must say that AFJ has a heart of gold and it sure did show up in those Fried Idlis. - are you insinuating that the idlis were over-fried to the color of gold ?? :) Jus kidding AFJ!

Rohit Talwar said...

aaah... i love south indian food!!

one of my college-mates is a South Indian. She gets these YUMMY idlis with a brown-reddish sauce..aaahhhh thats like one og my all-time-faves! not to forget, sambhar...err.

educatedunemployed said...

Oooooooooooh thats so nice..
A trick my aunt once told me..Cook with the love for food and with affection for the person you are going to feed and you can't go wrong.It will reflect she said....

still_figuring_out said...

freid idlis?? you guys are creative cooks, sor sure!