Saturday, April 22, 2017

You Were a Part of That Group Right?

I am not one for encouraging herd mentality. It has not been easy. I had moved from my earlier run group to another run closer to home that offers basic training. Yes, I am starting from zero. Even run groups have rearranged themselves with new members, some have stayed back and yet others have moved on. Somehow the mindset alone seems frozen while everything else around seems to adapt.

Atleast two of them have asked, " Hi, how are you? How come you are in this group? Were you not a part of that group?". Naturally, I had to tell them about my commitment to getting up early in the morning for a fitness regime and then getting home on time to get ready for work. So accessibility is key. At this time, I am still on track. I wake up; do my core workout with a warm up 2 kilometer run. After an hour's routine, we all head back to our respective lives.

There was only one person who encouraged me to come back for running and infact thought it is possible for me to aim for a full marathon in December at the Wipro Marathon. No other questions asked. 

Why can't we have more people like that who rise high with their thinking and focus on what matters most? How does it matter which Group I belong to as long as I am able to stay motivated? 

This is what I told her, "I joined this group since my other run group moved to a farther location. Anyway, it does not matter which group I belong to as long as I stay healthy and am running."

Yet again, when a former running-mate called me after hearing the news of the move, she wanted to do the same too, but needed the courage to tell our former trainer that she wanted to train closer to home and then join my current training group. Does this not surprise you? It almost sounds silly that moving from one herd to another causes so much anxiety, especially, when the purpose is different and there are no strings attached.  

When you have the generosity of mind, you encourage people to explore and enrich themselves, and not hold them back. My art teacher encourages me to attend other art teachers' sessions to understand different styles and approaches to the subject. He does not feel insulted in any way.

What nurtures one's mind and heart? Is it books, friends, travel, experience, or is it just how you are?

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