Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Training Time

After much thought I decided if I overthink it, I will never do it. So I signed up for the DHRM 2017 Half-marathon, scheduled for July 23rd. I informed my earlier run group I was quitting since their location did not suit my schedule. Instead, I decided to commit myself to a half marathon training held closer to home. I joined this week. We did floor work outs. In the humidity, it was tough for us but we pursued. Like one of the volunteers said, do not take help,but try and do the work out as much as you can to the best of your abilities. You may not get it right the first time, but eventually you will get there. The philosophy is the same for everything. Its perseverance. The sweat, toil, and the human spirit to will it makes all the difference.

I am training after a year or more. I look forward to keeping up with my commitment. I want to attempt a full marathon end of December, but that's the long term goal. My short term goal is to train for the half-marathon and complete it within a decent time. This means rearranging my work commitments, so I can hit the sack early. Most often, we give excuses for not being able to do something, so let's do something about that first.

Persevere. Keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.
Make good art.

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