Sunday, April 16, 2017

Playing C Major, G Major, and A Minor with Metronome at 100

After two long years, I finally played a melody from C Major and G Major, and my favorite of all, the prelude from A Minor with a metronome  4/4 tempo of 80 and then 100. My teacher signed-off all three songs on an excellent note. Every class, his first question starts with, "Did you practice?" and for the longest time, my answers have been wobbly, much to our disappointment. 

Today, it was a moment of glory for both my teacher and me. He quietly handed me a book of songs from Grade 1 to Grade 5. It was the moment I had been waiting for. Earlier my teacher told me I was not ready. 

I start Grade 1 exam preparation in classical guitar next week. This is only the beginning. A consistent dedicated practice will transform you not as a student, but as an artist, as a classical guitarist. You may not even realise it. Therein lies the beauty.

This is no different from my art class. 

The first question my art teacher asks when I step into class is always the same; "Did you practice some shading?". My answers were no better and that always upset him. I started practicing drawing and shading from Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters. Every class, I try and show him one piece of completed work for his review. The results were obvious to both my teacher and me. Each oil painting I worked on has improved leaps and bounds. Its unimaginable. 

In both cases, perseverance as you stumble and fall is an important quality to nurture. Never let that erode your confidence or your sense of self. Building on it piece by piece, with patience, a little bit of love, until you achieve the proportions without giving in to despair comes with time. I am working on it.

Today, I speak and feel as an artist. Painting the Red Whispering Bulbul and see her come to life has been a work of joy. Art is so meditative. 

When you become one with your art, your soul completely surrenders. The artist no longer plays. Its the soul that sings.

Make Good Art.

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