Sunday, December 11, 2016

So Much Has Happened

It has been a busy time. I try to keep up with art and classical guitar on weekends, but sometimes the other things that are important to you take a backseat. It made me realize how much I love to write and share my experience-maybe travel, a conversation, the political climate through my eyes, just about anything that inspires me to write. So I am back after a little silence.

I am active on Instagram now, thanks to my Mountain Friend who got me hooked to this photography-on-the-go app. I have been getting a few good reviews for my photography. Some folks have enjoyed my simple writing style in my blog, even though it is limited in vocabulary. I have never felt the need to be flamboyant. R.K.Narayan's simplicity and the ease with which he brought regular people to life, made us take notice. This has had an immense influence on my writing style. 

Recently, I took up Krav Maga lessons, which is an Israeli street defense technique. It's interesting and I absolutely enjoy it. 

Why am I telling you all this? I am a self-doubting artist chasing the illusion of perfection in everything I see. I got stung and withdrew for a while. 

I want to hold my solo exhibition next year.

My editor friend pursued her dream of publishing a novel for six years or maybe even more. She received innumerable rejections. That did not stop her. She entered a competition and was pleasantly surprised that she was recognized as one of the promising writers of the future. She was narrating this when I expressed my frustration about my grip, lack of rather, over my painting. I knew I have not been putting in enough practice and I am overtly critical of my work. She revived my spirit. When you learn from the best, it is bound to elevate you to a different level without your realization; but others around you might be amazed.

Pursue the things that keeps your soul intact and leaves you curious, amazed like a child. Life is a journey of endless learning. Embrace everything it has to offer.

Make Good Art.

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