Monday, December 19, 2016

My Invisible Ears

I have always sported a short hair cut since my college days. The cut outlines my face taking on a nice shape. I have never felt the need to tuck my hair behind my ears. I liked it just the way it was. 

However, over time, my colleagues at different points in time have wondered if I had ears, or the conspiracy behind why they were always covered under my shiny glossy cover. Most were not aware that I wore a few ear piercings. They were understandably shocked when they realized I wear ear rings to begin with.

Time and again, someone would come by and push my hair away just out of curiosity to see what ear-rings I wore. Someone nicknamed it a screen - "hey, move the screen away from your ear", is a familiar line I am used to hearing when I did not hear them calling out to me. It is hilarious.

But it proved a problem when I had my passport size photographs taken. The photographer was just unhappy with my hair falling right over my ears every now and then. Inspite of having it washed and combed and set, it was like a dog's tail. Just would not stay in place. In exasperation, he said, "Madam, please comb your hair and do a touch-up and come back."

Funny, how an mundane part of your body could evoke such a sense of curiosity and humor. Just to keep the fun going, I let my ears be.

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