Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alicia Keys and The Voice

The gorgeous Alicia Keys is one of the most charming judges, and a powerhouse on this year's, The Voice panel. Best buddies, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton surely have a thing or two to learn from her. 

If I was swept away by Pharrell's enchanting play of words, then Alicia stunned me like a sting ray with her raw guts, fierceness with which she loves music and how she makes her presence felt. It is this black and white, bare your soul attitude that attracts contestants. She is so sure of herself and her talent, yet uses it beautifully like she did today, wooing a contestant who sang Alicia's song, If I Ain't Got You, by singing it with such sincere passion, it is mesmerizing. 

Her voice rang out pure and beautiful, her body dancing to the lyrics, and eyes glinting in excitement. 

Both Miley Cyrus, in her weird flowery outfit, but husky voice and Alicia Keys, a beautiful tomboy sans makeup are giving the boys a run for their money. I love this competitive attitude, a healthy fight to get the best. 

Poor Adam really needs to work on his words-they are certainly not his best assets. Maybe he should sing out to the contestants- Sugar....! Make no mistake, I love Maroon 5. He surprised me as an actor in Begin Now. How I love Lost Stars! I hope a contestant does that number.

Blake's combination of country music and wit makes it phenomenally entertaining to watch on a weekend night.

Our sad Indian version, the Stage is a far cry from the standards the Voice adheres to. We need to move away from ourselves and immerse ourselves into what it really is all about. It is not about the dress, hair, and makeup, even the sets need an upheaval. If we are adapting the same concept, why not the same standards?

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