Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Jungle Book (2016)

Rudyard Kipling's, The Jungle Book has captured the imagination of children and adults all over the world. The fascination is understandable. The story is one of humaneness, friendship, courage and sacrifice. 

Directed by Jon Favreau and co-produced by Brigham Taylor, The Jungle Book brings you to the enchanting world of Mowgli, a boy who is brought up among wolves, lead by Akela the leader of the pack. Where humans are dreaded and killed by the jungle inhabitants, Mowgli's special place attracts Sher Khan who finds every chance to kill him. His deep mistrust of humans and the fiery red flower fans his thirst for revenge and death.

Bagheera the black panther keeps an eye on him, ever vigilant and protective. Mowgli is asked by Akela to leave the jungle and go where the Red Flower glows. I love how Kipling weaves his imagination from the jungle's perspective. The fire is nothing more, but a glowing red flower! Akela is killed by Sher Khan when the wolf stands up for his own, Mowgli. In his travels, the human child finds a new friend in Baloo the Bear. With Baloo and Bagheera by his side, Mowgli fights back to earn his rightful place at home, among the wolves who rule the jungle.

All is well again. 

The movie was an absolute delight to watch. My mind kept wandering to Kipling, wondering about his inspiration and influences as he brought the Jungle Book, a collection of short stories to life. A quick research tells me that Kipling's father John Lockwood Kipling completed a few of the illustrations. Kipling moved to the United States after a ten year stint in India. During this time, Kipling's magic came alive.

Undoubtedly enjoyable, the movie is a great treat to watch and let your imagination fly.

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