Saturday, July 09, 2016

Passion vs profession: Which One Wins?

I was asked by an interviewer to provide a 100 word writing sample showcasing creativity and vocabulary on the topic, Passion vs Profession: Which One Wins?

Here is what I wrote:

"The question could not have been better timed. As a fledgling artist and a working professional, I have been torn between becoming a winner on both fronts. To accomplish anything in this world, we need to have passion. It is this burning desire to achieve the insurmountable against all odds, which makes something completely unique out of each one of us. 

A profession like any other, can be treated as a regular job that one may pursue to simply bring home the dough. On the other hand, it can become a work of art if practised with perseverance and thirst."

I mention the timing because I had come home after frustrating myself over the blend of the tulip petals and its tones in oils. I had bawled my lungs out while my teacher put things in perspective for me. My writing was spontaneous. 

I love Yo Yo Ma's passion, his words, my teachers and their patience in guiding impatient students like me, who need gentle moulding, else the clay will break. 

I am truly passionate about Travel, Food, Music and Art, not necessarily in the same order. If I could trade my current profession for any one of these passions, I would do it in a heartbeat.

Just Like That.

Make Good Art.

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