Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Good Old Friendship

My uncle passed away a few days back. It was heartbreaking and the family gathered around to help with the final rites. I felt drained, physically and mentally, the strain was telling. I skipped music and art classes. Maybe if I had attended class, I would have felt better.

A week later, along came my friend from the States. I was seeing him well over a year or two, but we could pick up where we left off. During my childhood days, he used to take me and my brother out for ice-creams and that's how I have always remembered him. Since he was on an extremely short trip, I pestered him to make some time for us to get together and also because he made dinner and luncheon dates with the rest of the town, and nothing with me! 

I offered to chauffeur him around for the last minute shopping essentials which was still left undecided with his packed schedule. Finally, it all fell into place last Saturday. He was not comfortable zipping around city on a puny bike and instead sought the comfort of my car, which I reminded him was nothing but a false sense of security. Infact, decades ago, he used to cycle down to his cousin's house and it did not bother him then!  I was fed up of traffic and lack of parking space and resisted the car driving, but of course you know the story by now.

While we were shopping for a lovely salwar suit for his wife, I wanted to buy a few suits for work as well. He decided to buy them as a gift for me. I added a nice clutch to it with a smug smile and he sweetly obliged. I called him my summer Santa. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled. The fun did not end here.

For old times sake, we headed over to Ibaco for some ice cream. Ibaco had bought over the brand of ice-creams we used to have as kids. So to celebrate our not so easily forgotten childhood, I gave away to temptation and memory, dived into a scoop of Belgian chocolate with a lovely thick fudge covering it. My friend settled for a Jackfruit icecream because he does not like chocolate. I was mortified, but that did not stop me from cleaning up every little drop of in my tub. I am going back with Mom for a scoop of Dark Chocolate next.

When I showed my help all the goodies I got, she remarked, " there is nothing like good old friends, the ones you grew up with, they are the ones who are always there and the affection remains true".

So true.

In the end, you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning.

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