Saturday, June 04, 2016

Time Does Not Provide Answers, It Helps You Understand

Often, in times of grief or when we go through our darkest days, people tell us time is a great healer or quote, "grief disappears with the efflux of time". I do not agree.

My personal experience has been over time, I have learnt to acknowledge and accept that which cannot be undone - a hurt, an unkind word, lost friendships, doomed relationships, spats, loss of a loved one, mindless emptiness which one cannot explain, but only endure.

There was a time when I felt the need to drown myself in the company of people and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction. Made lovely friends, enjoyed memorable kisses, basked in the warmth of a hug, wasted my spirit in nasty fights and misused words, but I have no regrets. Maybe the guilt of letting myself down hangs over like a shadow, because I know I can do better than that and I tried. 

Over time, I have let myself go, joined different groups, made new friends, run a different race and i can feel complete even in the stillness of my apartment. I read more, sketch a lot more, better maybe and started writing again. Suddenly, I am meeting people who amaze me - a graphic designer whose passion is to do fondant decoration and his work was flawless, wannabe writers and the hope of accomplishing so much in this very short life.

In time, I have learnt to accept myself and the situations life has taken me through, sometimes its a slow walk, another time its a sprint, or a marathon, and better still, nothingness.

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