Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Me, My Guitar, My Space

I had not cut my nails for a week. Last weekend, the strums of the guitar sounded ungodly in my overgrown finger nails, which could not firmly press the frets. The nail kept coming in the way. I am learning F major which involves learning to play the Flat notes as well. It really does not matter what you have to play if the nails get in the way.

Trying to practice last night with unweildly fingers yielded the same result - jarring horrendous tones from my Yamaha D47.

Finally, this morning I realized I will never make it to the parlor before my next weekend class and trimmed my nails. The transformation was not surprising, but the results were beautiful.

I practiced for 30 minutes before getting ready for work. It was the best part of my morning. After a long time, I really truly enjoyed playing my classical guitar, only for myself, not for exams or any other goal I may have had, but enjoyed that space where you lose track of time. The lines between the artist, the guitar and the music become one.

Music took over and I a humble servant, quietly followed.

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