Saturday, June 11, 2016


Its a rare commodity. Learn to trust yourself more. All it takes is a little bit of patience and heck a lot of hardwork. 

I took the easy way out and depended on a family friend way too much for my own good. In the end, I paid a heavy price. I lent the individual a huge chunk of dough and its been five years, lots of excuses, lies and no sign of the money. I know now its gone. I stopped all communications. All it was leading to was a bitter war of words and accusations of ingratitude for the help that was supposed to be unconditional. I misunderstood. It was conditional. 

I finally threw the individual out of the car. I could not take it anymore. I asked for a favour since the situation was new to me and I did not want to get cheated. I laugh at the irony of the situation now. I was already cheated and I refused to believe it. After a few uncalled for description about my driving, I decided enough was enough and unceremoniously asked the honest one to get out of the car. 

I felt brave and freed. It changed me forever. It took a few phone calls, homework, a few long drives, walking in the sun, but what a wonderful journey and sense of accomplishment I felt when I set out to resolve the unfamiliar, which has since found a place of its own.

My instinct to navigate through new waters has become an adventure I enjoy. No longer intimidated. Just explore. Trust.

Make good art.

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