Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Awakening the Child in You

I have refocused my time to cultivating my interest in art - oils and shading along with a passion for reading children's books on the Guardian and BrainPickings, as well as understanding illustrations for the young ones. 

I had an absolute disdain for oils until my art teach changed my perception forever. I have started practice on oil paper meant for learners - you learn how to wield the brush, appreciate the medium and adapt a different technique. You start with the darkest tone and do the lighter tones towards the end when you finish the painting. Its comparatively an easier medium to work with since you work with one layer after the other.

It is my dream to see art converge into children's books and I can enjoy a creative career illustrating for the curious minds, fill it with rich hues of imagination. My nephew has been a huge influence - he has a love for books and stories and each of us have to read him a minimum of three books. His antics and expressions are hilarious. His voice, as sweet as the morning myna who wakes me up. 

Overtime, I think I started reading for myself - every illustration was such a work of art. I was in awe of the illustrators, their works, their creative wit and warmth with which children are unconsciously taught about life, pangs of loneliness, the warmth of friendship in the Lion and the Bird, Lost & Found, the illusion of who we are in Louis I King of Sheep, facing death who lives with us everyday. I feel alive.

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