Sunday, February 28, 2016

Creams Centre Sizzlers

Creams Centre in Arya puram has been a favourite family haunt. It has become a ritual to take our family members and friends over to this delicious vegetarian haunt, almost like visiting an ancestral house!

Service is generally exceptional and it gets crowded on weekends with people queuing up in large numbers waiting restlessly to be seated. So we usually make a dash for it by having an early dinner - you get to eat in peace and savour every mouthful. There are two key menu items I never miss and neither have the dishes ever failed. 

The Spring Garden soup is fantastic-the softness of the paneer or cottage cheese cuts through the peppery-ness of the soup while the shredded crunchy vegetables balances the corn starch that thickens the soup. Overall, very appetizing and well balanced.

What I love above all else is their fantastic range of sizzlers with generous portions. I have had all their sizzlers on various occasions and I generally seemed to like the Indian varieties with paneer and the Mexican one quite a bit. Infact these are so famous that one of my foodie friends just exclaimed, Creams Centre? when I posted the picture of this divine heap of well marinated succulent paneer topped over a warm bed of rice laid out over a crackling lettuce leaf. I was pleasantly shocked and pleased.

I had been to Kobe's on two occasions and sadly, they were nowhere near what these guys had to offer in terms of service, presentation and taste. Infact the last time I had dragged a friend over for lunch, we had to wait for a long time and the air-conditioning was not working. I was sweating and finally lost my cool. That was the end of it!

This dinner was long overdue. Everytime I made a decision to go out for a meal, I ended up settling for home cooked meals which I personally prepare on weekends and I can confidently say, everyone loves it! 

This time, we made an exception and headed out for a relaxing Sunday evening ignoring the boring Monday looming over us.

Its my dream to have my own eatery with a warm simple menu that has a lot of fun element to it and oozes love. Universe, are you listening to me?

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