Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy New Year and Lots of Good Things

I spent the New Year with my family after  a long gap of seven months. My niece was due end of Jan or early Feb and I also had to catch up with my nephew. 

After the terrible floods that turned out to be a living nightmare for Chennaites, it just felt great to be with your own. The new place is a 2 km walk to the Botanical Gardens and the pathway was just lovely, dotted with lush green foliage. The verdant scenery is enough to fill your eyes with wonder and heart with happiness. All I did for two weeks was walk, read, eat, sleep, watch movies and enjoy an outing with my brood.

I came across this beautiful poem in The Sleeping Dictionary, by India's wonderful poet, Rabindranath Tagore, from his book Raghu's Love 1884

Eventhough you like me not
as I have heard you don't
On you I shall ever hang
Like an iron chain fastened to your feet
You are the captive wretch whom the prisoner
I have made by
Tying my heart to yours with a knot
No one can undo

In all its misery, life still has its own loveliness. We welcomed my niece into our world on Jan 22 2016. She looks beautiful. Lovely tuft of jet black hair, all pink tender skin and sweet rosy lips, eyes tucked in tightly in deep slumber, her chubby cheeks glistening and there is so much peace just looking at her in her blissful sleep.

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