Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lunch at Jonah's Bistro

What a lovely place to catch up with friends and dear ones

I was blissfully unaware of this cosy little find until my friend suggested it for our luncheon during the Saraswati puja holiday. Situated above Sri Krishna sweets in Besant Nagar, Jonah's has a nice ambiance and cosy feel when you step in to their restaurant.

I was pleasantly surprised. Seating is limited and I am a sucker for table seating by the window, however, we could not find one that fit our bill. However, I found a place under the air-conditioning and natural lighting and settled there like a comfortable kitten.

I was in a mood to be pampered and allowed by host to take the lead. We both kicked-off the warm enjoyable afternoon with cheese stuffed mushrooms, which were succulent and done to perfection. Plating was lovely. Service lead by Captain Anido was good.

I was thirsty having driven to Nungambakam and lost my way and drove all over Chennai before I managed to make it back into my known territory. The Bistro does not serve alcohol though wine would have been nice.  So I settled for a Lime-mint cooler while he had a virgin Pomegranate Mojito. Eventually over a sip of each other's drinks, we decided to swap it.
For the mains, I wanted a light bite while he wanted a proper lunch; so while he ordered a well-done steak, I got the paneer korozott, which was cottage cheese roast with honey-chili glaze served on ice-berg lettuce. The sauce was fantastic albeit the paneer and steak was a tad chewy. I tasted a huge spoonful of mash from his plate. It was lovely and so were the shallots in red wine reduction. We had a to give the dessert a miss unfortunately. We were told it had to be brought in from Pondicherry! Now that would have been a really long wait. Pricing was alright and the bill was an INR 1170.

Overall lunch was memorable. Both the company and the food were worth every bite and minute.

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