Saturday, April 04, 2015

Luncheon Reunion at The Kitchen, Raintree

We had been planning this for quite a while. But like every other plan, this simple luncheon was taking its own sweet time to materialize because of our own individual commitments on weekends. The choice of venue took the greatest time since we both lived on opposite ends of town. So finding a middle ground on a restuarant that appeals to our food taste, price and transport was tricky and terribly time consuming. Finally, we decided to meet at the Raintree - The Kitchen for a lunch buffet. Reviews seemed good and the spread was great. 

We were meeting after almost seven years and we had changed a bit physically, plumper than before. We got past that quickly and caught up on our good old days which was refreshing and nice. I was not aware how talented my friend was until she gifted me a beautiful painting of Jesus carrying a lamb in bright watercolors. I was blown away by her thoughtfulness - it felt like a blessing. 

For appetizers and starters, we were served a lovely warm soup followed by vegetable grills and non-vegetarian menu for my friend. We had a variety of chaat items and salads as well. One of my favourites was a delicately done stuffed brinjal in tomato sauce, which was fantastic. We were already feeling full and the thought of missing a beautiful and colorful dessert me
nu felt unforgivable. She loved her seafood main course while the vegetarian course seemed just alright - there was no Wow factor. After a good meal, we walked over to the dessert counter to see the choices for ourselves. A decision was made to give our gluttony a break over a good conversation and other plans. 

The dessert selection was fantastic and we shared every piece so the calories can be evenly spilt. Everytime I think I do not have a sweet tooth, an event like this comes along to remind me how inaccurate I am about myself. On that note, we wrapped up the bill and went outside to see her new car. It was a limited edition with a nice body in an navy blue. She then mentions that the valet ran over to the Audi coming up behind her and left her with her car
in the driveway. So we marched over to the lobby manager to bring this ghastly behavoir to his notice.  

Overall lunch was good and priced on the higher side which is expected. The interiors are bathed in white with a natual light and glass door panel flooding through. So when you step in to the Kitchen, it feels gorgeous. Nevertheless I thought they could pay much better attentions to the furniture and cutlery. Service was great and brownie points for dessert.

Over a warm hug, good memories and a promise to meet again, we drove away to into reality.

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