Sunday, February 01, 2015

PK (2014)

We caught up with the PK (pee-khe in Hindi, means drunk) fervour, primarily because it was an Aamir Khan movie and second, the title seemed to create a buzz and third, it opened to great reviews. Ofcourse, the controversial poster of Aamir chisled naked body with a tape recorder covering his private did half the trick. Seriously? Leading ladies dance around half-naked to raunchy numbers and lyrics, leaving nothing to imagination - but lets gloss over and turn the spotlight on the leading actor in question. Anushkha Sharma, the journalist and Aamir Khan's love interest had us in splits with her botched lip job, and a bad choice of haircut only heightened the Donald Duck resemblence.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, the film explores a much sought out topic in Inida - that of God and godmen; blind faith versus practical approach. PK was a much more humorous attempt to bring together a rather heavy and sensitive topic. PK an alien who lands on Earth (in Rajasthan) on a mission is duped by a theif and loses his medalion, which helps him stay connected to his spaceship. His search brings him in contact with humans and their way of life who refuse to beleive him, and ask him "pee-khe aye ho kya"- hence assumes his name as PK. His journey of faith in search of the medalion traveses all the different religions, with each religion emphasizing faith and prayers in the Almighty to make his wish come true. He stumbles upon a godman who displays his medalion as a spiritual treat and PK with Jaggu's (Anushka Sharma) help decides to expose the godman's identity. PK is subjected to a verbal national duel by the godman, the price being the medalion. In between all this, PK experiences love, but realises, Jaggu was in love with Sarfaraz a Muslim and decides to unite the two through practical wisdom.

Overall, PK was a decent bet. The need for the Hindu-Muslim love net was absolutely unecessary and the much anticipated debate should have been the clincher, instead it ended on such a soppy note. My mind was screaming for the movie to wrap up. Oh My God was a well thought out movie that hit home run with its direct approach on the subject. However, kudos to the writers in pulling off a tough subject with ease.

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